The Egyptian Company for Carbon Materials (ECCM) is one of the newest nano-companies in Egypt.

ECCM offers the in-situ design of your nanomaterials in our laboratories and uses our facilities to produce your own nanomaterials for smart, multifunctional, and wide-scale applications in science, electronics, optoelectronics, pharmaceutical, and dental materials, agriculture, engineering….etc.

The company can be considered one of the best companies in the field of nanomaterials science because of its team’s tools, capabilities, and expertise.

The company has distinguished teams of researchers in various nanomaterials science and engineering fields, which serve the science, agriculture, and health sectors.

These research capabilities and equipped laboratories enable university faculty members, young researchers, and students to obtain the real manufacturing of nanomaterials and hybrid nanomaterials, which in turn enhances and encourages scientific research and technological development in our beloved country, as well as serving local industries in Egypt, Arab world and the Middle East region.

Our Mission

to enhance scientific research and technological development in Egypt and the Middle East by providing cutting-edge nanomaterials and hybrid nanomaterials manufacturing capabilities. We aim to serve various sectors, including science, agriculture, health, electronics, optoelectronics, pharmaceuticals, dental materials, and engineering..

Our Vision

to be the top  carbon materials company in Egypt, the Arab world, and the Middle East, empowering researchers and industry professionals with in-situ design and production of nanomaterials. We strive to drive scientific advancements, encourage technological innovation, and support local industries, while promoting sustainable practices and improving lives.


At ECCM, we are guided by our core values that define who we are and how we operate. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of nanomaterials science and engineering. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, fostering partnerships and knowledge exchange. We uphold integrity, sustainability, and customer focus, ensuring high ethical standards, eco-friendly practices, and exceeding customer expectations. Continuous learning and social responsibility are also ingrained in our culture, driving our commitment to professional growth and making a positive impact on society.